Festive Smoked BBQ Platter


Ready-to-Cook / Ready-to-Eat

Enjoy this delicious 20-hour Smoked Angus Brisket and Butchers' original Siboriso sausages with honey mustard, BBQ sauce & pickles.

For customization: Please let us know if you would like our Smoked Brisket to be already portioned or if you would like it as a whole. Call or text us, 0917 175 MEAT(6328)

This package can serve up to 4 people.

This package comes with:

  •  Honey-mustard sauce
  •  BBQ sauce
  • Pickles 
  • Caramelized onions
  • 500g 20-Hr. Smoked Angus Brisket
  • 500g La Carne Siboriso