The Steak Simplified Book (Pre-order now!)


Unlock the secrets of premium steak with Steak Simplified: a unique blend of handbook, cookbook and memoir, curated by passionate cook Joan Tuaño Rumsey. With a focus on beef and lamb, it dismantles meaty misconceptions and empowers readers to make enlightened choices about how they cook, eat and shop. Discover the science of marbling and myoglobin as Joan follows the steak from farm to plate, then put your knowledge to the test with her delicious recipes. Whether it's traditional Filipino dishes like Bistek Tagalog or Western favourites like Onion Smash Burgers, you can learn and follow along with Joan thanks to the book's handy QR codes and coordinating video content. Elevate your steak game and savour every juicy bite with this indispensable guide to good, honest steak.


Release Date: October 2024


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