Cebu Food and Wine Festival 2023: Savor the Culture

Cebu Food and Wine Festival 2023: Savor the Culture

During the rainy season of June, The Cebu food and Wine Festival started commencing their pre-launch event last June 1, 2023 with La Carne at 88th Avenue.

With the festival's theme: “Savor the Culture”, the team, led by the talented Chef John Buenaventura, and La Carne’s very own Master Chef Butcher Edward Diñoso, had prepared a delicious curated set of Cebuano-inspired recipes through the finest Australian Beef.

How does the fusion of locally sourced ingredients and premium meats, such as True Aussie Beef, enhance Cebuano cuisines? By blending Cebuano traditions with innovative flavors, it pushes the boundaries of taste, creating an unforgettable culinary experience that redefines traditional flavors.

"Humbao" by Chef John Buenaventura & Chef Edward Diñoso

La Carne's rendition of Cebuano’s favourite sweet dish.

During the Grand Opening at Crimson Resort, attendees warmly received and savored every dish meticulously prepared by the team. Among these culinary delights, one of the standouts was the unique creation called "La Carne Siboriso" - the first-ever steak chorizo inspired by the beloved Cebuano breakfast chorizo. La Carne Siboriso is available here to pre-order!

The series of events at Cebu Food and Wine created an exhilarating atmosphere as we proudly showcased our offerings. Witnessing a community of passionate food enthusiasts eagerly exploring the culinary creations of each chef was truly a delight. There is so much more to share, but we invite you to experience it first-hand at the next Cebu Food and Wine!

“Aussie Litson Baka” by Chef Edward Diñoso

Our very famous “Aussie Litson Baka,” which everyone truly loved to devour.

Products used for the event:

1. Humbao

Humbà, also spelled "hombà", is a Filipino braised dish from Visayas, Philippines. This healthy variant is made with a lean, low-fat and iron-rich Angus Beef Cheeks, slow cooked with ingredients consisting of star anise, cinnamon, cloves, palm sugar and banana blossom. Topped off with a kick of grilled pineapple salsa.

2. Ngohiong OX

In Cebu, ngohiong (“ngo-yong”) is the local version of a spring roll. For this natural collagen-rich recipe, Angus Ox tail is wrapped in spring paper roll and is dipped in a special batter then deep-fried. The roll contains singkamas, ubod, garlic, and onions. The (not so!)secret to ngohiong is the five spice powder.

3. La Carne's Siboriso

This nutrient-dense protein recipe was originally developed at La Carne Butchery in Cebu by Chef Edward Diñoso as a low-fat premium beef variant of the famous Chorizo de Cebu sausage that has a distinct flavor profile, with a balance between gentle sweetness and savory notes from the mixed flavors of pineapple, paprika and anise liqueur. 

4. Aussie Litson Baka

Cebu's lechon (or Litson in bisaya) is known for it's unique combination of herbs and spices used to marinate the meat before roasting. Using Australian beef, some of the herbs and spices contains epazote, lemongrass and bay leaves.

5. Halang Ribs

Halang-halang is a spicy stew made with coconut milk that originated in the Visayas region. Australian Angus Short Ribs are grilled and slow-braised topped with a classic pepper sauce. 

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