Veal Marrow Bones


Marrow is a true superfood. Rich in Omega 3 fats, marrow bones are nutritious source of collagen protein, not to mention great for gut and joint health. Choose from two types, our regular and canoe cut (you might have seen those in restaurants!)

About the producer: Ekro (Holland)

‘When you ask for veal, we serve a concept’, this is the guiding principle of Ekro. The company delivers delicious, high quality veal products tailored to the client’s needs worldwide. Ekro is part of the VanDrie Group. 

Every single day, the Ekro team works on producing veal with much dedication. Because of its fine structure, high nutritional value and refined flavour, veal is a valued delicacy. Animal welfare, food safety and sustainability are the guiding principles in the policy of Ekro. The products of Ekro thereby meet all the requirements of critical chefs and consumers around the world. 

Ekro works with the traditional wholesale and retail trade, food service and producers of meals. This cooperation is important. Ekro’s mission is to create maximum customer value, balanced with the impact on humans, animals and the environment. This in order to be the largest, most trusted and valued veal producer - both now and in the future. 

Note: Actual product may be slightly different from image.