US Angus Ribeye Steak


US Angus Ribeye is known for its rich flavor, tenderness, and marbling. The ribeye steak is cut from the rib section of the beef. The marbling enhances the flavor, juiciness, and tenderness of the meat.

Need a specific thickness or weight? Call/Whatsapp/Viber us at 0917 175 MEAT (6328) to custom order.

About the producer: St. Helens embodies the exceptional quality of Northwest grain-fed beef. Working with local farmers and ranchers, our cattle graze on Northwest pastures before being finished on locally sourced and sustainable feeds. The result is great tasting, nutritious beef that is tender every time—and a great value. When St. Helens is on your table, there’s always something to celebrate.

The USDA Choice beef from St. Helen is produced solely from Angus cattle. No other breed is more widely recognized than Angus for its marbling and rich flavor.