New! Australian Angus Chuck Rib Meat


Separated from the chuck roll, rib meat is highly prized and valued by the Japanese for yakiniku. Some customers after trying chuck rib meat have said they had never had such wonderful steak. It is evenly marbled with a perfect balance of fat and lean meat.

About the producer: John Dee Australia

Verified Angus beef by John Dee with a Marbling Score of 3+ (SUPERGOLD) 

John Dee stands on the pillars of service, quality and consistency. An international reputation for quality, consistency and personal service in beef processing takes generations to develop, and that’s exactly what we’ve continually delivered on since our establishment by the Hart family in 1939.When quality and cutting specification really count, John Dee delivers.

Based in the Darling Downs region of South East Queensland, we keep our production as local as possible, to support our community and to ensure the quality of our product. Our Warwick processing plant is just 2 hours from the port of Brisbane, thus we are able to offer fast & efficient service to our export and domestic customers. Cattle are sourced from nearby farms of the Southern Downs and New England Tableland regions while our operations are supported by our feedlot partners.

Note: Actual product may be slightly different from image.