(Pre-order) Angus Siboriso Sausages


Looking for delicious, juicy sausage with no weird ingredients? Say UNSAMAN! to La Carne’s Beef Siburiso Sausages 😋

This nutrient-dense protein recipe was originally developed at La Carne Butchery in Cebu by Chef Edward Diñoso as a low-fat premium beef variant of the famous Chorizo de Cebu sausage that has a distinct flavor profile, with a balance between gentle sweetness and savory notes from the mixed flavors of pineapple, paprika and anise liqueur.

Only P620 for a pack of 300g- each sausage weighs around 80g.

What’s in it? 🧐 Our John Dee Angus and Grassfed beef 🥩 with garlic, smoked paprika, chili flakes, oats and La Carne love. We use pork casings.