Butcher's Circle Cebu

    It's more than just a community; it is a haven for those who enjoy the world of premium meat, a place where delightful recipes are shared with enthusiasm.

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    La Carne: Butcher's Circle Cebu

    Butcher's Circle Cebu is a gathering of individuals who share a common passion for meat, culinary expertise, delightful recipes, and beyond! Explore the plethora of offerings our club provides and embark on an incredible journey of meat appreciation with like-minded enthusiasts.

    What you'll get:


    • Acquire knowledge from seasoned professionals, ranging from mastering the art of steak cooking to honing your skills in properly butchering various beef cuts!


    • Seize exclusive benefits reserved solely for club members, including exceptional discounts on a wide array of offerings such as premium steak cuts and essential cooking tools.


    • Showcase your culinary creativity by sharing your distinct recipes highlighting the meats from the Butcher's Block Box. You also have an exciting opportunity to contribute to the exclusive special edition of the Butcher's Block Box - crafted solely for members of the Butcher's Circle Cebu. Additionally, there's a chance to be featured on our social media platforms and enjoy other exciting perks!